Tahabata Vanquished!

Last Friday night February 12 11:42 p.m. CST, a North American group of players on [West]Ariel did what many before them had attempted but failed. They were the first to on a North American or European server to successfully pierce the thick scales of Tahabata Pyrelord, the ultimate boss monster of Dark Poeta. Player "Forgiven" from the Legion Flameborne was first to comment.

"Took us about a week and a half after equipping everyone with fire resist sets to down it, although [we] had multiple sub-5% wipes," said Forgiven.

It was certainly no easy feat, and Forgiven credits Sylvester Stallone for part of their accomplishment:

"Preparation was hard, we had a number of montages made during training, weekly Rocky movie marathons, and team building exercises designed to increase our trust in each other."

Head on over to the thread Forgiven created at Aionsource for videos, screenshots, and more information.

On a final note, we would like to sincerely congratulate the group! We hope to see them spearhead more Aion challenges in the future and demonstrate even more feats of skill and devotion.

A full list of the players participating: Forgiven, Dae, Krull, Decoy, Qloe and Astro.

—The Aion Community Team