Support Site Upgrade

As part of our recent upgrade to improve and streamline our support system, we’ve launched a new support site that will allow you to get help faster. On our new site, you’ll be able to see messages informing you of the latest issues, search the knowledge base for answers to frequently answered questions, and submit help requests. We’ve also implemented single sign on, so the new support site uses the same login information you use for your NC Account. The new support site is available here.


- Frequently Asked Questions -

What happens to my tickets I currently have open?

Our support agents will continue to answer tickets opened in the old support site. You will receive all responses via email and you can reply by email too.

How do I reply to the tickets I have open?

You can reply to your open tickets through email. However, you will not be able to log onto the old support site and any new ticket you wish to submit will need to be open through our new site.

Why is there a security alert for the website?

Because the site is new, you may be prompt a security alert on your first few visits. Rest assured, the site is completely safe and the security alert will disappear in a matter of days.