Store Update - September 18

Ahoy, Daevas! Take a look at me mother lode. Scupper that long clothes 'cause me Pirate costumes and weapons be on sale!

Pirate-Themed Costume and Weapon Skins

Take your pick between the Pirate Captain's Clothes or Pirate Crew's Clothes. Eye patches and hats are also available. As for weapons, we have a skin for each type and we think you'll find it quite fitting.

New Boost & Supply Items

You first got hints of it being possible and now in the store, extract 50% of AP spent on accessories from the new Abyss Accessory Extration Tools. We've also upgraded the Abyss Weapon Extraction and Abyss Equipment Extraction Tools to return 50% AP used on items.

Also new to the store are Venerable Elim's and Honorable Elim's Amulets. These amulets combine both XP and Drop Rate boosts into one. Choose according as each amulet has different percentages.

Price Drop Items

Part of our series of price reductions, this week we've lowered the prices on all Ninja skins, 30-Day Wings, and Berdin's Amulets. We do not encourage Ninjas to crash the Talk Like A Pirate Day event. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.


The mentioned items are only a few out of the many new and price dropped items in the store. Click here to see all items available!