Store Update - October 16

The Harvest Revel spirit is making its way to Atreia. Get into the spooky spirit with the Harvest Revel items now back in the store for a limited time.

Harvest Revel Furniture

Decorate your home with Harvest Revel furniture. Various furniture packs are available from functional to purely decorative.


New Hearthbloom

As a new addition to our hearthbloom selection, we added the Pumpkin-Decorated Tree. Every day for seven days, you can get AP relics from it. Having a green thumb couldn’t be better!


New Costumes and Skins

What is a Harvest Revel without costumes to celebrate! Jump back into the Pumpkin Outfit or check out some of the new cuddly animal costumes now available for all your skinning needs. No pun intended.


Permanent Wings

Previously, we introduced 30-day versions Splendid Light’s Wings and the Shining Light’s Wings and this time, the highly requested permanent versions have been added to the store.


Price Drop Items

In the next series of price drops, we’ve reduced the price on older costumes. If you’re feeling particularly cultural, Hanboks, Kimonos and more are permanently 30% off.



The mentioned items are only a few out of the many new and price dropped items in the store. Click here for all Harvest Revel items or click here to see all items available!