Store Update - November 20

We have a big store update this month! More armor skins, weapons skins and even a whole selection of Shugo Flag Bearing pets.

Armor & Weapon Skins

Look like a pro with Forgotten Abyssal, Primal Spirit’s, or Tiamat’s Royal Guard armor sets; available in cloth, leather, chain and plate. Gank in style and let your weapon be the last thing your enemy remembers with Padmarashka’s Raging or Tiamat Royal Guard’s weapon skins.


Flag Bearing Shugo have returned from their adventures! Pick up a Shugo Flag Bearer with your nation’s flag, or if you need more inventory space, the Traveling Kitter has 26-slots!


The mentioned items are only a few out of the many new items available. Click here to see all the newly added items!