Eggstravaganza Store Update - March 2016


Spring is officially here! The warmer weather also brings new outfits, dyes, and savings! Visit the Black Cloud Marketplace to see all of the items here

Heartseeker Outfit

New on the Black Cloud Marketplace by popular demand and modeled by two of our very own, the Heartseeker Outift is now permanently available. 


Moon Rabbit Picnic Outfit

Also permanently added to the Black Cloud Marketplace, the Moon Rabbit Picnic outfit is now available!



Romantic Purple Dye

The Romantic Purple Dye is here as a permanent addition to the Black Cloud Marketplace.



All items in the dye category are 50% off for a limited time, until March 30, 2016. 


Costume Sale

The Cute Rabbit Costume, Lovely Pink Rabbit Costume, and Classy Gray Rabbit costume are 50% off until March 30, 2016.



Pet Eggs

The Harvest Saam Egg, Traveling Kitter Egg, Hungry Porgus Egg, Pinkhair Steren Egg are all 50% off until March 30, 2016.



Magnificent Clucklich

For a limited time, the Magnificent Clucklish is on sale for 50% off. Sale ends March 30, 2016.