Store Update - December 11

Solorius Festival is here and the various holiday items have made a return to the store. Dress for the occasion with Solorius costumes and weapon skins, or deck home your with holiday furniture. If you’re not into Solorius Festival, no problem. Shugo Kingdom Adventure has returned and you can buy reset scrolls and treasure chest keys to maximize your earnings from the event. You’re going to need more inventory space with all those rewards and the new Harvest Saam pet is fit for the job.

Solorius Festival Costume & Weapon Skins
Dress the part with the Red Solorius Jacket or Solorius Tunic. Weapon skins are also available for all weapons except for pistols and harps. If you're feeling lucky, we have Lenatinerk's Lost Gift Box that has a random chance to give away Solorius Festival items, a rare Godstone, and more.

Shugo Kingdom Adventure
Reset your Shugo Kingdom Adventure cooldown with a reset scroll and open more treasure chests with the store keys! Get your Shugo items here!

With all your rewards from the event, you’re going to need more inventory space. Solorinerk and the Harvest Saam pets are here to help.



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