Store Update - August 26, 2015

Voidtrace skins are back along with a few new items now permanently available on the store. Head over to the Black Cloud Marketplace and add some hi-tech flair to your character.  Wrapping and Tuning Scrolls have also returned for a limited time.




Put on this cool blindfold and fight using your other senses.

Silkwoven Scandal

Turn heads and get people talking with this scandalous shirt.

Voidtrace Skins

A high-tech, futuristic look for any adventurer.


Voidtrace Weapon Skins

Tech up your weapons with this advanced skin! 

Tuning Scrolls

Allows you to retune a single Mythic grade weapon or armor. Sale ends on September 9th.

Bonafide Enchantment Stone Box

Ten Epsilon Stones, two Omegas, and a chance for more!

Bonafide Enchanter's Deluxe Bundle

Six Bona fide Enchantment Stone Bundles and one Bona fide Manastone Box!

 Wrapping Scrolls

Makes an eligible weapon, armor, or accessory tradeable once. Sale ends September 9th. 


Daevic Fortune Cookie

Open this treat to reveal many powerful and exclusive items! Sale ends September 2nd. 



You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.