Store Update - July 2, 2014

Sun protection in Atreia is important so we’ve added two new hats for Daevas to stay safe under the sun. Somehow, Leopard prints are still in style and we have a new Leopard print swimsuit to add to our swimsuit line. Combat Lockboxes just got another prize list revamp so for the next three weeks unlock new rewards from the lockbox.

Purple Reign

Trade stacks of these banners to the event NPCs for reward boxes.

New Costumes

Pick from a selection of hats, a new leopard swimsuit and the Flower Child costume.

Permanent Wing Skins

We've replaced another set of 30-day wings with their permanent versions.

Palomeno Heorn

The Palomeno Heron is similar to the Ruddytail Heorn mount, but lighter in color.

Combat Lockbox Key

The Combat Lockbox got another prize list revamp. Unlock the new rewards with the Combat Lockbox Key.

Discounted Items

For the next two weeks, Princely Ailu Egg (30 Days) and the Dye: Rich Hot Purple have had their prices slashed in half!


You can see all available sale items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.