Store Update - March 26, 2014

Spring is here and for a limited time, you can get your hands on the modern and techy Voidtrace weapons. Additional Cipher-Blade skins have been added to match our Pirate and Ninja sets. Other new items include the Tempering Solution for the Tempering system, where you can add stats to accessories, and the returning Combat Lockbox Key to open the all-new Combat Lockbox!

Voidtrace Weapons

For two weeks only, the Voidtrace Weapons are on sale. Get the skin of your choice while you can!

New Cipher-Blade Skins for Aethertechs

Cipher-Blade skins have made their way into our Pirate and Ninja skin collections. Choose your side with the Pirate’s Skillspike or Shadow Wraith Tetsukagi, or both!

Tempering Solution

With the Tempering system, stats can now be added to Level 50+ accessories with the Tempering Solution. Either pick this item up from boss drops in-game or pick it up here from the store!

Back in the Store

If you’re looking for an EXP boost, the Lesser Secret Remedy of Growth and the regular Secret Remedy of Growth is back on the store, along with the Combat Lockbox Key to unlock items from the all-new Combat Lockbox.

On Sale Items

For a limited time, all Pirate and Ninja sets are also on sale for 20% off!


These are just a few items available on our web store or in-game shop!