Store Sale - April 30, 2014

Code Red: Atreia returns and so does the stylish nurse and doctor outfits! Code Red and Code Blue nurse costumes along with the Emergency Ensemble are back for a limited time. For our weekly sale, all Tahabata items have been discounted!

Code Red: Atreia Costumes

Choose between red or blue for nurse costumes or be the doctor with the Emergency Ensemble. Sale ends May 14, 2014.


Tahabata Sale

All Tahataba store items have been discounted including the Tahabata pet egg! Sale ends May 7, 2014.


Pets Price Drop

Prices on many pets have been reduced and standarized.


Wealth Lockbox Key

Still available, the Wealth Lockbox Key opens the Wealth Lockboxes that dropped from mobs in game. Open these lockboxes with keys from mob drops or the store for stacks of tokens, coin, AP, medals, and more. Also available form the Lockbox are Timeless Weapon and Shoe Boxes along with the usual favorites, Wrapping Scrolls and Courier Passes.

Wheel of Fortunerk

Just one week left to spin the Wheel of Fortunerk! Win prizes ranging from Manastones to Ceramium Medals to Wheel exclusives like Enraged Mastarius' Weapon skins, Sharptooth Voidtracer, complete Dreamstrider's outfit, and more!


You can see all available sale items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.