Spin to win the Solorius Wheel of Fortunerk!

Greetings, Daeva! Shugo Fortunerk is back with a new Wheel of Fortunerk! Spin the Wheel and win big, akakak!


What can Daeva win? Lots of great prizes!


Palaces are the most prestigious houses in all of Atreia. Only a few exist per server, and Fortunerk holds the deeds to all of them! The entrepreneurial Shugo has put them up on the Wheel of Fortunerk for lucky Daevas to win!



Daevas who win a palace will receive one month's rent for their palace, and will be contacted on or around January 2, 2013 to select an available palace of their choosing.

Courier Tickets

A new item appearing for the first time as a Wheel of Fortunerk prize, courier tickets allow Daevas to mail previously untradable items!


Courier tickets are available for either Fabled or Eternal-grade items, and are further designated by item requirement level: items level 50 and below, items 51-55, and items 56-60. Items without a level requirement cannot be mailed with courier tickets. AP items, such as Abyss items, cannot be mailed with courier tickets. Soulbound items can be mailed, and will work for the recipient!

Please note that items may require multiple tickets to mail.

...And more!

There are lots more prizes in the Wheel of Fortunerk for Daevas to win! Every spin is a win with the Wheel of Fortunerk! The full list of prizes is as follows:


Good luck, Daevas! Spin the Wheel of Fortunerk and win big this Solorius season!