Solorius Festival 2010 Winners

Greetings, Daevas!

We were happy to receive a large number of entries for this contest. It was great way to round out 2010! Our inbox was full of great pictures of your holiday trees decorated with Aion-themed items. Your creativity astounded us and made us proud.

The final decision was not an easy one. Here are the winners from each community:

North American Community Winners

1st Place Winner — Matthew Pereau (from Florida)

2nd Place Winner — Patrick Rami (from New York)

3rd Place Winner — Katie Malarz (from Washington)

European Community Winners

1st Place: Parviz Taheri (from Germany)

2nd Place: Michaela Stöcker (from Germany)

3rd Place: Laetitia Dalet (from France)

Congratulations, and enjoy your prizes!

-The Aion Community Team