Server Balancing

Our Preselection phase is now ongoing and servers are filling up fast. In order to make sure that everyone are able to enjoy Aion the way it's meant to be enjoyed, we are required to balance the population out even between our servers. While some empty are full to the bursting, others aren't as filled up. We need to promote characters on these servers in order to reduce latency risks and overcrowding. Total server limits will be increased once we see that server populations balance out. There is room for more players even on some of the most popular servers and we expect to be able to increase the capacity limit by Head Start. We continually monitor our servers in order to keep them balanced, so keep checking back if there's a particular server you are interested in.

Race balancing is a second feature that we need to have in order to keep the game enjoyable. If we let one side in the game grow too large, the game's simply not going to offer the type of challenge we intend for it to. The Balaur will be in there to help balance it out, but we need to prevent too drastic differences. Keep in mind that you may be able to create a character of your selected race later when the two sides have balanced out. You will be able to follow the statistics of your server via our Server Statistics page.