Reactivation FAQ

Welcome Back Daevas!

We hope you enjoy your reactivation time in Aion! For some of you there may be a lot of changes to catch up on since you last played Aion. We have put together some frequently asked questions to help guide your return to the world of Atreia.

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I have just logged into the game and my characters appear to be missing!

We merged our servers several months ago. If you have not logged on since before the merge, your characters will not appear as numerical counts on the server selection screen. However if you select a server and go into the character selection screen, you can find your characters, and the numerical count will update from this point forward.

I've just logged in and there are strange letters at the end of my character name or legion name. Why is this?

Several months ago we performed server merges. During this process a two letter suffix was added to the end of every character name and any legion name that existed on the merged servers. The suffix represents the server tag from your original server. You may keep it or change your name with the free name change ticket included in your inventory.

How can I get rid of this suffix on the end of my name?

For your character:
A name change ticket has been placed in your character's inventory. You can use this to change your name to a new one, if you want.

For your Legion:
A legion rename ticket has been placed in the inventory of your legion's brigade general. They can then use this ticket to rename the legion.

Why is my name something like 12s235346?

In very rare cases, some character names have been changed to a name like the one mentioned above due to a name conflict during the server merge. Please use the character rename ticket in your inventory to change your name.

I have a lot of names on my friend list that I've never seen before. Who are they?

A lot of players have used the name change tickets to change their names. If you are not sure who the character on your friend list is, you can use our "Shadow Court Archives" to track your friends.

I don't recall having a character on this server.

You can find a list of the servers that were merged and their destination names here:

It seems that I've been banned during my inactive time. Why?

Your account may have been suspended as a way to protect your account. If we detect there has been an attempt to hack into the account and steal it from you, we will lock the account down and wait for you to verify ownership. Please contact Customer Support to verify ownership of your account and have it restored to you. You can use the link above, email at

I managed to login, but now the client is asking for a PIN. What is this?

The Character PIN System is an extra layer of protection for your account. If you register your PIN and find you have forgotten it or wish to change it, you can verify account ownership through the NCSOFT Master Account page. We also have a useful guide to help you in establishing and using the Character PIN system.

I've heard about new instances and "solo" instances in 2.0 what is this?

With Assault on Balaurea we introduced many new instances. Three of those are solo instances, meaning that you can only enter them alone. The first two cover the lower-level ranges that were reported as "hard to level" ranges; leveling should now be much smoother. They are called "Haramel" (levels 18—22) and "Kromede's Trial" (levels 37—44). The third and final solo instance is called "Taloc's Hollow" (level 51+). Our PowerWiki team has created several wonderful guides to acquaint you with the instances you will find in Aion.

I stopped playing because of the grind / the lack of drops. Has that changed since earlier this year?

Yes. We have improved both the leveling progress as well as the drop rates of the game. While leveling is now smoother, because of increased quest XP and the new solo instances, drop rates have been greatly increased with the 2.1 update. You will find it a lot more rewarding to level and play Aion.

Our new Experimental Lab headed by Victor Shugo released several drop tests comparing 2.0 loot to 2.1 loot.

I have a question; what can I do?

Contact us via the Official Forums, email, Facebook, Twitter and we'll endeavor to help you any way we can.

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—The Aion Community Team