Player-Designed 'Leave Your Legacy' Weapons on Sale Today!


Leave Your Legacy was a global contest that started way back in October 2012 where players from each territory were asked to submit their own weapon designs for the new Gunslinger and Songweaver classes. After many submissions, two designs were chosen from North America to be created for Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal. Now that Dark Betrayal has launched in North America, these amazing designs can finally be released to the public!

Starting today, both North American player-designed weapon skins are available in the Black Cloud Marketplace.

Kippie’s Nightmare


Inspired by the noble mookies of Inggison and Gelkmaros, this unique pistol was created by Rakesh on the Israphel server.

Flutterlight Sonata


Created by Seey of the Tiamat server, this beautiful harp is one of a very select few to feature its own unique design on the bow as well as the harp.


Congratulations to both of the contest winners!  If you love these designs as much as we do, head on over to the Black Cloud Marketplace and pick one up for your Songweaver or Gunslinger!