Pirate Costumes Coming September 18


Avast, ye land lubber! The NA-designed Pirate costume and weapon skins are making its debut and just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day. On sale after the September 18 maintenance, dress and talk the part of Talk Like A Pirate Day.


On September 19, we will also be observing the national Talk Like A Pirate Day. Join the GMs by showing up and being in your best pirate behavior. Debate the Internet-old question of Pirate Vs Ninjas or just come out to have fun.

From 3 PM to 4PM Pacific time, the GMs will be at the Taverns in the capital cities of Tiamat and Kahrun. Then from 4 PM to 5 PM Pacific time, they will be on Siel and Israphel. Keep an eye out for their megaphone messages to see when they're starting the event!


See you thar, me hearties! Ninjas needn't t'attend.