The Path to Balaurea

The path to Balaurea is a long one, but also one paved with adventure. As preparations for a full-scale assault continue, Lord Marchutan of the Asmodians and Lord Kaisinel of the Elyos have begun fighting for control of Balaurea. Reports from the front line indicate that the Elyos have secured a base of operations in Inggison, while the Asmodians continue to defend their region of Gelkmaros. This thrust is merely the first battle in a war that will be fought by all Daevas and consume all of Atreia.

It won't be long until great airships begin to transport Daevonian soldiers readied for battle. The Empyrean Lords from both races have bestowed a special blessing upon all citizens of Atreia that will enable all Daevas to earn twice as much experience from each battle and crafting experiment so they may more swiftly muster the strength necessary to conquer the Balaur and ensure the destruction of the Dragon Lord Tiamat. Act quickly soldiers! The blessing the Lords bestow cannot be sustained forever, and the stronger their warriors become, the less likely the Lords will be able to hold the blessing.

Glory calls; will you answer? Tell your friends, and take advantage of this special blessing before the assault begins. The path to Balaurea is in front of you, and the time to prepare is now!

—The Aion Community Team