One Pet to Loot Them All

You asked for a pet that wasn't "cute"… introducing a new Loot Pet, the Worg of the Dead!

Available on the NCSOFT Store Wednesday August 3rd, 2011 for $14.99! As with the Shugo Lad Pack Pet, every character on your account will get one!

For more information on Loot Pets, check out their Game Guide page.

While exploring the ruins of Medeus' manse the renowned scientist and researcher Victor Shugo stumbled across a tragic tale. In his wanderings he came across a weeping woman who told tales of suffering children that truly touched his heart. After speaking with some of the more civilized inhabitants of the manse, Victor thought he had found a way to cure the terrible plague that was ravaging their home. Victor concluded that the key was to bring back Medeus himself! He confided his findings to Spina, blissfully unaware that she had machinations of her own.

Unfortunately for Victor, upon his return to the manse he found Undead Crusaders waiting in ambush that carried him off directly to Medeus' Altar. Spina had revealed everything to the Lich Priests, and they promptly sacrificed Victor Shugo on the altar in the belief that the act would bring about the return of Medeus and an end to their suffering.

Instead, a Worg of the Dead sprang up from the pooling blood on the Altar and ravaged the dying Victor Shugo. Now you can have one of your own!