New Store Items — Your Favorites Are Here! — October 12, 2011

Greetings, Daevas!

The Aion store continues to grow! We've added even more permanent items to the store, selected because of forum posts, PMs, and email feedback from our players. Look what's on sale, starting Wednesday, October 12:

  • Lineage II Dynasty Armor Skins - $9.99
  • Aion Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade - $9.99
    • Black Cloud Wings (Level 30 — Flight Time +40)
    • Black Cloud Earring (Level 20 — Magic Resist 49, HP +72, MP +72)
    • 10 Rich Purple Dyes
    • [Title Card] Settler of Aion (Attack +1, Parry +8, Crit Strike +3)
    • [Emotion Card] Aion Boogie
    • [Emotion Card] Hip Hop

  • Dyes! 5-packs of True Black, True White, True Red, and Hot Pink - $6.99

And don't miss the half-off sale on skins! From October 12 to November 9, the L2 skins and all of the weapon skins will be on sale in the Aion store.

We'll continue to stock the store with even more of the items that you've requested! Check back often to see what's new.