New Security Update

Security Questions Added to All Accounts

We are increasing our security measures again by setting up additional security questions for all accounts. This enhanced system is part of our ongoing effort to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for you.

Remember that to keep your account secure you should always use unique passwords that you do not use for email, forums, or websites, and make sure you never provide your personal information on phishing websites. For additional information on security updates, contact Support .

New Security Feature Added

We will be turning on a new security feature that verifies that you are logging in to your NCSOFT® Master Account with a computer authorized by you. To help prevent unauthorized access to your NCSOFT Master Account, you will need to confirm your identity when you attempt to log in to a different computer. This new security feature is part of our ongoing effort to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment for you.

How Does This Work?

You correctly answer some additional security questions. Verifying this information authorizes a one-time login. Once your identity is confirmed, you can add a computer to an approved list.

You are trying to log in for a computer that has not been approved by this account. For security purposes, please answer these security questions to verify this computer's use.

Password Hint Questions

Your answers must exactly match those you gave when you created your security questions. (Capitalization needs to match.) You must answer both questions correctly in order to proceed.

What was your first pet's name? [text box] (limit 32 characters)

What is your mother's maiden name? [text box]

If you don't remember what information you entered when you registered your account, please contact Support.