New sales and CUBE bonuses in the Black Cloud Marketplace!

New discounts and CUBE bonuses are available in the Black Cloud Marketplace until August 15!

We're having a huge sale on consumables to help you get the most out of your Aion experience! The following items are now 50% off in the Black Cloud Marketplace:

  • Berdin's 100 Percent XP Amulet II (x10), and Berdin's 100 Percent XP Amulet III (x10)

  • Double your XP gain from hunting, gathering, and crafting with these amulets!

  • Sharptooth Barbtail (30 Days)

  • Ride in style on this sleek hoverbike!

  • Revival Stone (x5)

  • Self-resurrect! Does not share a cooldown with other resurrection items!

  • Theobomos Lab Time Scroll (x2)

  • A pair of scrolls to reset the entry cooldown for Theobomos Lab!

  • Adma Stronghold Time Scroll (x2)

  • A pair of scrolls to reset the cooldown for Adma Stronghold!

In addition to these sales, the Expand Warehouse Bundle (Lvl 1+2) is on sale for 30% off! Expand your inventory with these two tickets!

Purchase a Large or Medium CUBE and receive an Alluring Box bonus! Each Alluring Box contains a random valuable item:

Large CUBEs contain 5 Alluring Boxes, and Medium CUBEs include 1 Alluring Box! Head to the Black Cloud Marketplace and take advantage of these great limited-time sales!