New Beginnings Returning User

The New Beginnings Event begins January 30, and returning users can get handy bonuses during the event!

First, every 30 minutes that you are logged into game, you will receive a Veteran Crystal, up to a maximum of 6 per day. These can be used to purchase Kahrun Bundles, Insignia Bundles, or Relic Bundles (each bundle costs 1 Crystal).

Additionally, returning users running an instance have a chance to receive a Returning Daeva’s Bundle from bosses in many popular dungeons! Only returning users can loot these. They have a chance to give items such as combat rations that grant boosts to hp and mp, useful scrolls, and manastones, enchantment stones, and even godstones! These drop from bosses in most instances level 25 and above (Dredgion and Crucibles not included).

Returning users also benefit from an increased 10% drop rate during the event! Continue your journey in Aion during the New Beginnings Event, January 30 to February 16!