New Beginnings New User

2013 is the year of new beginnings! Join us for the New Beginnings Event in Aion Ascension, beginning tomorrow, January 30, to February 16! New users get some awesome bonuses from the New Beginnings Event:

First, every 20 minutes that you are logged into game, you will receive an Ascension Crystal, up to a maximum of 12 per day. These can be used to purchase armor pieces, a weapon, or accessories that will put you on the fast-track to getting leveled up and geared up in game! These crystals will show up in your quest cube!

Additionally, new users will get the bonus of a 10% increased drop rate throughout the event. When joining a party, this drop rate applies to the whole party as well! Note – the effect does not stack so having additional new users in a group still results in a 10% increase.

Handy Tip for New Users! The 10% drop rate increase also increases the rate of white drops – which are often just considered “junk.” Be sure to head back to town and sell these otherwise unhelpful items to any vendor! It may not seem worth it at first, but trust me it adds up! If you faithfully sell all of your “junk” to a vendor, you won’t be a millionaire, but you’ll certainly have Kinah to buy things you need and want as you level! Be sure to check out the Fast Track Server, where you level twice as quickly as well!

All items are level 40 items with the exception of the Shrewd Tunic, Flash Jerkin, Mercy Hauberk, and Courageous Breastplate, which are level 30. The level 40 pieces are similar to level 40 PvP (Abyss) gear items. These are to help you get into the game and on your way to gearing up quickly! Remember that the event only lasts for 2 weeks so plan how you want to spend your Crystals wisely!