New 4.0 instances!

Aion 4.0 brings new instances to brave and new challenges to master! Let's take a look at four brand new instances players will tackle in Aion 4.0! Please note that the names of regions, instances, and characters are subject to change.

Fortress Reward instance


Aion 4.0 will introduce a new style of fortress siege in the 'Katalam' region. 'Katalam' fortresses have unique terrain such as mountains, plains, even fortresses where flight control will be very important. Unlike established conventions, there is also a solo instance!

Time limits and AP gains for these new instances will be similar to current instances. Legions that take the fortresses will get "special versions" of the instances where better rewards are offered.

'Underground Katalam'


Underneath 'Katalam' lies a complex underground cavern that spans the northern and southern areas of the region. There are many ways down into this labyrinthine expanse, but owning fortresses may make moving through this maze easier!


Somewhere in this area lies a large corridor that runs underneath 'Katalam' and leads to the 12-person raid dungeon 'Katalamize,' which you may remember from our 4.0 Gear preview! The corridor is also the path to 'Lunadium,' what will surely become the top instance for Level 65 Daevas!


An ancient weapon capable of great destruction lies beneath 'Katalam.' This weapon, 'Hyperion,' was created by the mysterious 'Rune' race, and players must destroy it before Beritra gets his hands on it! 'Hyperion' will be the strongest boss of Aion 4.0, so players will need to be very organized in order to defeat it! (We heard that Templars are going to be important in this fight!)



A tragic tale will unfold before players in 'Lunadium,' home of the witch 'Grendal.' 'Grendal' had a lover who died; unable to bear the loss, she wove a spell of necromancy to save her lover, but in doing so cursed herself.


'Grendal' assaults players within a confined area with five different attacks; moving outside the area causes instant death, so careful movement and precise timing are essential! There is a time limit to this fight: 'Grendal' must be defeated before she becomes enraged!

'Lunadium' will be the instance where players can receive crafting materials, new weapons, and new gear. Players can receive class-specific items, but the bonus stats are random, so you need luck to get the best ones!

Prepare yourselves for these instances, Daevas--they're going to be tough!