New 3.5 instance: Tiamat Stronghold, coming in October!

Here's a look at the new six-person instance coming in 3.5: Tiamat Stronghold! Note that these are early shots still going through localization, so any names are subject to change!

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Charging into the Stronghold!

Defeat the gatekeeper to gain access to the inner halls.

An unexpectedly beautiful garden inside Tiamat Stronghold.

An imposing statue!

Mechanical guards patrol the halls!

He may be a Brigade General in the future that is Dark Poeta, but the present-day Anuhart is just an Adjutant—that doesn't mean he'll be an easy fight, however!

This Brigade General may be big, but he doesn't look so tough…

…oh wait, he is.

Avoid this boss's massive axe in the Prison Camp of Eternity!

Chantra invites you to "bring it."

What purpose does this ominous machine have?

Who is this fierce Brigade General?

"Hey, I bet I could beat you with my eyes blindfolded."

"Told you so."

After so many defeats in Esoterrace, sometimes you just have to call it like it is…