Name Conflict Resolution Procedure

Greetings Daevas!

Here are the details of how name conflicts will be resolved!

In order to minimize name conflicts caused by low level inactive characters, all characters below level 9 that have been inactive for over one year (have not logged in since March 28, 2011) will be deleted. This applies to ALL characters, not just characters on inactive accounts. If you have a character on your active account that is below level 9, but you have not logged into that character in over a year, log in before the merge and the character will not be deleted.

*Hint* If you can't remember the last time you logged into a low level character, go ahead and log in just to be safe!

The servers will be merged during weekly maintenance this Wednesday, March 28, 2012. Vaizel characters will not have their name changed during the merge itself. Characters on Zikel who have a name conflict will have their name changed to a series of letters and numbers (example — T456jp1). Zikel characters whose names are changed will receive a name change ticket.

*Important* You should select a new name immediately, even if you plan to appeal the name. You will not be able to group with others, or receive credit from dredge unless you have changed your name so that it no longer has numbers in it.

Zikel players and legions that lose their names can send a petition to Customer Service to appeal to get their name back. Click the buttons above to see the process! Please understand that we are doing our best to provide the most fair process to everyone involved!

Players have two weeks (3/28 — 4/11) from the date of the merge to appeal their names. Appeals sent after the 2 week deadline will not be considered.