Massive Store Update! Over 100 new items available now!

A huge selection of new items are now available. Be sure to check out the both the updated C.U.B.E. selections AND the expanded Black Cloud Marketplace items!

  • Life Leafs IN STOCK! Craft your own SharpTooth with this rare item!

  • PERMANENT Pack Pets (12, 18 & 24 slot) are now on sale! Your favorite pets are here to pack away all your gear! And you know you need more space…

  • Felicitous Socketing is BACK! Why waste time? Get your 100% supplements and fully socket. Guaranteed!

  • HUGE Furniture expansion! Assortments for everybody! Furnish your dream house!

Some of the highlights:

BONUS! This month's large CUBE bonus item is a 30-day Cirruspeed Mount! If you buy more than one CUBE, you can get more than one mount. Timer only starts when you put it in inventory.

Check out all the great new items now!