Massive preview of new gear coming in Aion 4.0!

Greetings, Daevas! Tons of new items are being added in the 4.0 update, so without further ado let's take a look!

Beritra Set

Shadowy Dragon Lord Beritra, master of Darkness and Chaos, gets an inspired armor set in Aion 4.0! To match Beritra's style, there's a chilling element to these designs, yet they are undoubtedly stylish--even sexy! You'll notice the male and female "Gunners" are wearing the Beritra Set from their earlier concept art, and now we get a look at all the armor types, including both male and female "Bards!"

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Every Daeva's goal: 65 Abyss items

New level 65 Abyss gear can be earned through Abyss points and medals! A new type of medal,Ceramium, is introduced through Katalam Forts and quests! Check out the new Guardian / Archon Governor Set! 


A challenge for expert crafters: special crafted items!

In Aion 4.0, you can add special materials to normal crafted gear to make special crafted gear! Players will also be able to craft gear with PvP stats!



Top PvE items

A new high-level instance called "Katalamize" will yield "Hyperion" PvE gear! This instance is in a secluded area and will be difficult to get to; expect a challenge if you want to wear the Hyperion Set!


Special weapon skins

There are always unique skins available with every major update, and 4.0 is no exception! Here's a look at two special appearance skins, the flowery Steel Rose Pirate Set, and steampunk-esque Ancient Katalam Set!



We hope you enjoyed this look at upcoming gear in Aion 4.0! Stay tuned for more info on this major update!