Lunar New Year 2011 Contest Winners

Greetings, Daevas!

You sent us so many entries for this contest that our inbox exploded! We were happy that enjoyed this contest and that you found many beautiful places in Atreia where you would celebrate the Lunar New Year. The splendor of the world of Aion is shown in all your artful screenshots.

As is often true, the final decision was not an easy one. With no further ado, here are the winners from each community who score some delightful prizes from our good friends at Razer!

North American Community Winners

1stPlace Winner — Nicolette Sandquist (Florida)

2ndPlace Winner — Annie Wilson (Tennessee)

3rdPlace Winner — Kirk Williford (Washington)

European Community Winners

1stPlace Winner — Katharina Wehrmann (Germany)

2ndPlace Winner — Loic Arlot (France)

3rdPlace Winner — Amandine Moulin (France)

Congratulations, and enjoy your prizes!

—The AionCommunity Team