Love is in the Air! More Valentine's Event details!

From February 13 - 27, love is in the air in Aion! Whether you are part of a sweet couple, or proud to run solo, there is fun to be had by all. Click read more for all the details!

Visit Chocorunerk in Oriel and Pernon to receive a quest! She will ask if you want to complete the event by yourself or as a couple. Your reward is based on which you choose! Solo questers will receive a Proud Single's Table and Hat, while duos receive a Sweet Couple's Table and Hat (images below). You can only complete the quests once, so make sure to decide whether you want the couples' or the single's reward before you get started!

The daily event boxes have a chance to contain a Proud Single's Costume or a Sweet Couples' Costume!

Once you complete the daily quest five times, you will receive a Right Festival Hearth Piece. These can be paired with a Left Festival Heart Piece for one NCoin at the Black Cloud Marketplace to create a United Heart,  which can grant you Godstones, Crafting Materials, Enchantment Stones and Souvenir Statues (full item list below). Additional left and right pieces can purchased to your heart's content for only 19 NCoin each!


Sweet Couples' Table on the right, Proud Single's Table on the left.


Proud Single's Hat


Sweet Couple's Hat


United Heart Bundles can contain:

  • Fabled Godstone Bundle
  • Horned Dragon Emperor's Jewel Ring
  • Horned Dragon Emperor's Malevite Ring
  • Sky Dragon Emperor's Jewel Ring
  • Sky Dragon Emperor's Malevite Ring
  • Urge of Wrath
  • Relic Pouch
  • Heliotrope Crystal Bundle
  • Enchantment Stone Bundle
  • Major Construction Flux
  • Souvenirs
  • Power Shard Bundle