Look Forward to New Forums Next Week

Last week we began carefully spreading the word about the approaching new vBulletin-basedforums for the official site. The more frequent forum dwellers among you probably caught wind of this and have begun to back up your important posts already. Now we would like each of our forum users to back up his or her important posts sooner rather than later! The old forums will be buried soon, paving the way for the arrival of the new forums on Monday, April 5, 2010, 10:00 am PDT (more).

The new forums will be using vBulletin. They will offer a much wider array of functionality than the current ones do. This change offers the Community Team ample opportunity to improve our activities as well. Not only will our postings be more prominent, but you will also see increased support from other departments here at NCSOFT.Some of the nice features you'll see coming with the new vBulletin forums include:

  • Developer tracker
  • Signatures
  • User control panel
  • Private messaging system
  • Thread subscriptions
  • Calendar
  • Spam protection
  • Custom titles

Remember to save all your important threads! This way you can help us by transferring over anything in the current forums that has helped you so that when the new forums arrive, those threads and posts can help future members.

Fly safe,

—The Aion Community Team