Look out, Aion Online just had a complete makeover!

This visual update sports an immersive feel that reflects the beauty of Aion. The redesign highlights the content you want to find quickly, focusing on em>Aion's freshest news, products, and features. The redesigned site also lets you share content on Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube with ease so that you stay connected with gaming friends.

We've reorganized the site and added new screenshots and wallpapers that reflect the most recent updates in the game. The forums have been refreshed to match the colors and feel of the redesign. And—great news—you only need to log in once for the whole site. No more multiple logins for different sections of Aion Online.

A few changes might take a second to adjust to, but you'll recognize them as familiar friends just more clearly named. PowerWiki is now the Game Guide—same good content, but with a new name that reflects its informative role. And My Aion replaces the Live Services section of the old site. It's the newly enlarged section where all the data pulled from the game itself lives.

Go explore, Daevas!