Level 50? Check!

How fast players decide to level their characters is a very personal thing. Some prefer to take it slow, to log in once in a while, soak up the world, and read every storyline there is from beginning to end. Others rely on fervent research, practice, and teamwork to reach the highest level not only quickly, but first.

On October 7, 2009 at 11:32 p.m. BST (more), Drno and Almisaela were the first two players to reach level 50. Both are members of the known "For the Harmony" Legion. You read it right—the first two! They happened to both reach it at the exact same time!

Amboss quickly put on his Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and got hold of them for an interview.

Amboss: Congratulations to the two of you! We verified that you two definitely were the first level 50 characters on the Western Aion servers. How are you doing? Are you exhausted? Some people are surprised that you managed to get to level 50 as quickly as you did. What is your secret?

Drno: The last couple levels were strenuous, but we are not exhausted. We are just happy about reaching level 50. Our "secret." if you want to call it that, is just extensive knowledge of Aion and teamwork. The teamwork especially helped us over a couple dry spells. We also had the advantage of playing as a close combat/healer Chanter and ranged damage-dealing Ranger. This played a big role when fighting elite monsters. In our opinion, it is the most effective way to level quickly.

Almisaela: Honestly, the evening we reached level 50, I was a bit exhausted and would not have wanted to fight through another level. The mental stress of doing similar actions over many hours is pretty heavy.

Amboss: Was it more difficult to play the high-level content since there are not many players who could keep up with you guys? Were you able to play in groups?

Drno: Certainly we couldn't experience everything during our leveling, but overall we had a rather powerful consistent group of four people until the mid 40s that we did almost everything with except the world bosses.

Almisaela: We played from level 1 through about level 46 in one existing group, and we did almost everything together. We planned from the beginning to play together, and because of this, we could do almost every campaign quest with them.

Amboss: Did you do any instances, raids, or similar quests, and were you able to follow the campaign's storyline?

Drno: We did take our time to play through the campaign since there were always very good rewards from campaign quests. We were able to follow the story pretty well. The same is true for the instances. Raids were really not possible. The level difference between our Legion members and us was just too big.

Almisaela: We visited the instance Firetemple with our group of four very often and managed to get a unique weapon. We also went on a raid in Sulfur Fortress and tried out a couple outdoor raid bosses and won. About the Aion lore—I have to admit, I read every single quest, You must take the time to read it, and the campaign history is very exciting and much more interesting than most other MMORPG's. The reason is probably because of the excellent cut scenes.

Amboss: What is next on your list? Now that you have conquered maximum level, do you have new goals, or do you want to just lean back and relax?

Drno: We certainly have to reduce the pace, but we plan to help our other Legion members with leveling up in any way we can so we can enjoy the endgame content together, especially the Abyss group PvP, Dark Poeta, Dreadgeon, and the Theobomos Secret Laboratory.

Almisaela: Our main goal is to support our Legion members with quests, leveling, and crafting skills; to send some Asmodians home; and to free Dark Poeta from the Balaur as soon as possible.

Amboss: What can you tell us about yourselves?

Drno: I am 26 years old, and I am finishing my degree in actuarial math, which is why I had plenty of time to invest in Aion. Aside from my computer hobby, I am a passionate body-builder, a pastime that provides its own rewards.

Almisaela: I am Almi. I am 25 years old. I am studying nutrition science at the university in Wien, and I am a proud Austrian.

If anybody needs any tips or advice how to level quickly or needs help with something else, just contact Almisaela or Drno at Votan Elyos-Page, or visit to send a forum PM to Dorno or Amisael. We are really not Chinese bots, just very normal nice people.