Legion Spotlight — Dying for Honor

Back before Aion launched we highlighted and interviewed a selection of the game's most exciting upcoming Legions for our Atreian readers. Now that the game has shipped Legions are more important than ever — players are finally able to put in practice what they have for so long planned.

We want to continue the fine tradition of these interviews and decided to approach a German Legion called "Dying for Honor" for a round of questions. Read on!

Hello! You have spent quite a bit of time at the top of the Kromede rank charts (German Server). Please tell use about yourselves, where people may find you and a bit of your Legion's history.

Dying for Honour ( is a legion created by me (NewYorkRipper / Marillion) in the year 2005 for the game Guild Wars. We have existed for over 3 ½ years in the PvE area and were later active through Factions in PvP.

The core of the legion tried out multiple MMO's and other games but I enthralled everybody with Aion early on and so we created a new legion in Aion with the same "base frame" as the one in Guild Wars.

Do the people who know you respect you in the Abyss? Or do you have to work to regain that respect?

There have been a couple times where some of our members didn't get attacked by the other faction and could so finish their quests without interruption but nobody can say for sure if the reason lies in "Dying For Honor" or not. What is certain is that the enemy has read our legion name one or two times in the Abyss or Morheim.

Was a high rank one of your initial goals when you began to play Aion or was this something that came naturally because of your play style?

When we started playing Aion, it was not our goal to be the number 1 in ranking but we are very happy about it and that we could reach this through early Rift-parties and Abyss groups. We hope that we can play in the high rankings in the future.

Were specific members involved in this achievement?

This success was created through many of our members and I want to thank everybody again for this outstanding performance. Some probably contributed more to this success, for example our members who have been past level 40 for a long time, but it is always the legion as a whole who creates such a success and not just a single player.

Do you have any tips for newbies in the Abyss? Hints and suggestions for a successful Abyss experience are timeless since fresh blood constantly arrives.

There are many tips, but the most important ones in my eyes are:

  • Try not to quest in the Abyss by yourself since there are always groups that are looking for the single player to kill.
  • Always carry HP, condition and flight time potions in your inventory since those can be the difference between life and death.
  • Recharge your flight time at any Abyss gate you find by flying forward and backwards into the gate. An enemy without flight time or potions is definitely inferior to one that has both.

Are you still looking for legion members. And if so, how do you apply?

Right now we are not accepting any new members since we already have the maximum amount allowed for a level 3 legion. But if you are really interested in joining our legion, you can still apply at (in forum) for a membership and you will be added to a waiting list.

Last but not least, one not so serious question. If you could manage to defeat a huge amount of Asmodians in the Abyss, put them in a costume and send them back home, who or what would you disguise them as?

If Asmodians dropped any items then we would like to send them home as exploded pinatas. But since they don't have item drops, we would disguise them as plucked Plumas.