'Leave Your Legacy: Gunslinger' player-created design chosen: the Mookie Gun!

In October, we asked players to send in their ideas for unique pistols or cannons for the new Gunslinger class--coming in Aion 4.0!--for a chance to have their design made into an in-game weapon, forever leaving their mark on Aion!

We are pleased to unveil the player-created design: the Mookie Gun, by Liiga Smilshkalne, aka Rakesh from the Israphel server! Click on Liiga's concept art below to watch a video of the Mookie Gun in action!



We asked Liiga more about her design, her character in Aion, and her other works!

Aion: How long have you been playing Aion? What class and level is your main character?

Liiga: I've been playing Aion on and off for a long time now, though most actively since about 2.5. My main character is Rakesh on server Israphel, a lvl 60 cleric, which is by far my favorite class in the game.

What was your inspiration for the Mookie Gun?

If memory serves me right, the idea for the Mookie Gun sprouted from late night chattering with a friend and legionmate Aedus over the Leave your Legacy announcement that somehow somewhere lead to the idea of a Mookie gun which absolutely stuck. The rest of it came naturally in the wee hours of the morning with the aid of a large cup of coffee.

Why Mookies?

Mookies are by far my favorite type of critter in the game. They're bouncy, have beady little eyes and never open their mouths if they have any, which just means they all hide some terrible terrible secrets inside. Possibly guns.

How excited were you to find out your design was chosen?

Extremely so! Best e-mail to wake up to in a long time. I've got Mookies on the brain just waiting anxiously to see how the gun will look in action!

We noticed you have a DeviantArt page. Would you like to tell us anything about it? Have you done any other Aion-inspired works?

I'm a freelancing digital painter with most of my currently publishable works on display at Although most of my paintings fall within the genre of fantasy, I've also done illustrations of the more sci-fi as well as the surreal persuasion, most recently for the Android:Netrunner TCG series by FFG.

Since I usually stay busy with work I've yet to do proper Aion fan art aside from a quick sketch of a legion member's character - and I suppose now also the Mookie gun - but I've done a number of illustrations inspired by another NCSoft game, Lineage 2. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do proper fan art of Aion in the nearest future - the game is just too pretty not to.


Thanks for answering our questions, Liiga, and congratulations on leaving your legacy in Aion! We hope everyone will look forward to the Mookie Gun! For a chance to leave YOUR legacy in Aion, submit your 'Bard' weapon designs!