Introducing MegaKinah Millions!

Want a chance to be a Kinah millionaire? Each week for the next 8 weeks, Daevas will have a chance to win more than 300 million Kinah during the MegaKinah Millions Event! Over 10 billion Kinah will be awarded to lucky Daevas every week!

How do I earn tickets?

Daevas of level 30 and above can claim one free Fortune Ticket per character each week from Fortunerk in various Atreian cities and outposts. Players will also receive a special Fortune Ticket as an added bonus for purchases of a Large CUBE!

On Saturday night, Fortunerk will stop giving out tickets at 7 PM Central Time to draw the winning tickets for 10 minutes. You must speak with Fortunerk again after he draws the winning numbers to find out if you're a winner! Be sure to speak with Fortunerk before Sunday, 7 PM Central Time to find out if you are a Fortune winner! Remember to speak to Fortunerk within 24 hours after he draws the winning numbers!

Daevas can win 300,000,000; 30,000,000; or 30,000 Kinah prizes!

Check the event page to read the full rules, and good luck! You could be the next Atreian millionaire!