Hot Weekend Sale - July 17, 2015

The Utility Lockbox is back in rotation for the next four weeks and this weekend, we're offering a free bonus item with key purchases with the Hot Lockbox Key Bundle. Check out all the weekend sales items including Blood Marks, Ancestor's Relics, and more!

Hot Lockbox Key Bundle

Along with a Lockbox Key of your choice take your pick from Alchemical Transformation Formulas, Blood Marks, or Leader's Recovery Scroll.


Xenophon's Violet Box

Open this box for a chance to get idians, assortment of Manastones, and even Sauro Commander's Accessory Box.

Hot Purification Bundle

Expedite the Purification process by acquiring all the necessary Pallasite items.

Ancestor's Relic

Summon a monster at a Vocolith with this special stone.



Available for the first time for this weekend only, complete your Fearless Skirmisher's or Remodeled Danuar gear sets with the coins available on the store.


You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.