Head back to school in style with the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Summer may be ending, but no need to fret—a new school year is a chance to show off your new threads!

Starting tomorrow, September 5, you can pick up some stylish school uniforms at the Black Cloud Marketplace. Be the most à la mode academic in Atreia with new Couture Clothing and Uptown Apparel!

Worried that you might show up to school wearing the exact same thing as your peers? Customize your clothes even further with dyes! We've added some new colors to the Black Cloud Marketplace, and here's the best part: most dyes in the store are now permanent! We've heard our players on this one, and now you can permanently dye your clothing in most colors!

A new month also means new CUBE bonuses! Purchasing a Large CUBE rewards 1x Phoenix Gold Crate; Medium CUBE purchases include a bonus 1x White Tiger Jade Crate. Open the Phoenix Gold and White Tiger Jade Crates for the following special items:

Finally, no Back-to-School event is complete without discounts, but forget sales—we're permanently lowering prices on many items in the Black Cloud Marketplace! That's right, we've decreased the prices on many items, saving you anywhere from 33% to a whopping 66%! These aren't time-limited sales—these are the new prices!

Head to the Black Cloud Marketplace tomorrow, September 5, for the Back-to-School extravaganza!