Forum Downtime Extended

Greetings Daevas,

After nearly 24 hours of server merging, all Aion servers are back online and our web services have been restored with the exception of one: the Aion forums. We're currently working to update the Aion forums to reflect Character Name changes that occurred during the merger. Until we've completed this update, our forums will remain offline.

Our current plans are to restore North American and European forums as early as Thursday morning. If these plans change, we'll be sure to update you. Thank you for your patience!

Update: We've just been informed that the Hamster running our forum servers has escaped. Local authorities have been notified and are currently questioning members of the NCSOFT web team. Hang tight!

Update #2: The Hamster has been located and will be re-introduced to his server wheel shortly.

—The Aion Community Team