Enchantment Lockboxes coming next week!


Beginning Wednesday, March 27, Enchantment Lockboxes will begin dropping in place of Wealth Lockboxes all over Atreia. You will need a Enchantment Lockbox key in order to open these new lockboxes. As with Wealth Lockbox Keys, you can get these in-game, purchase them from another player, or buy them on the Black Cloud Marketplace!

We continue to rotate the lockboxes monthly, so expect to see both Combat and Wealth Lockboxes back in the future! Please note that if you have a Wealth Lockbox Key, it will not open a Enchantment Lockbox - but don't throw it away because Wealth Lockboxes WILL be back!

Enchantment Lockboxes feature items to help with both socketing and enchantment! Level 130 enchantment stones and a Mythic socketing supplement make this box one you will want to open! The Noble Special Manastone Pouch is a new item and it is guaranteed to give a level 60 Composite Manastone. The table below shows all possible drops from the Wealth Lockbox. Expect to see these new lockboxes after maintenance on Wednesday!