Empyrean Lords of NCSOFT: Kate "Trine" Field

Greetings Daevas,

Over the last year, I've had the privilege to be part of the Aion team, one that is full of extremely talented individuals who are passionate about the game. However, this Daeva's life is changing, and I've made the decision to retire my NCSOFT wings in order to move to Los Angeles, California to embark on a new adventure. It was a hard decision to make and it goes without saying that I will sorely miss my friends here at NCSOFT as well as all of you.

Reflecting on my time here, I realized you know a lot about me, but you haven't met some newer members of the team. In the Empyrean Lords of NCSOFT series, it's our goal to change that. Over the coming months, you'll have the opportunity to get to know the passionate folks that make Aion the gaming experience that it is today. Have someone on the Aion team that you want us to feature? Let us know in the Aion forums!

Our first Lord isn't actually a Lord at all. She's a lady of Aion, my partner in crime, and one of the best PvPers in the office. If you play on Vaizel, Zikel, or Siel, chances are you've met your demise at the edge of her blade or the tips of her arrows. Don't believe me? You might after this interview with Kate "Trine" Field.

Fly High Daevas,
Tamat ~ Andrew Beegle
Community Manager

Tamat: Greetings, Trine! I see you're still hanging out in Inguin form. Care to take a break?

Trine: Hey now, Daevic Inguins are awesome, plus I have a boost to my attack speed. How are your power shards? Got them equipped yet?

Tamat: Don't you be waving the fact that I have had scorching bad luck so far during the summer event! My luck will change soon. I can feel it.

Trine: You should try my approach. Run around the inner tubes three times counterclockwise then do 13 pushups. I am sure it will work for you, really.

Tamat: I'll just take Liv's approach: I'll pop an Aether Jelly before I open my next boxes. Anyhoo! Let's start with your background. Tell us about yourself.

Trine: I am a die-hard gamer girl, though I haven't always worked in the game industry. I spent a decade working at the University of Washington as an fMRI neuroimaging researcher. I loved being on the cutting edge of technology. However, every free moment of my time I spent gaming or volunteering to playtest or beta test. I decided to follow my bliss and quit my career and began working in the game industry.

My first job was as a customer service rep on an MMO. I then moved to working in QA. I was assigned as the main software engineer in Test for the lead game designer and lead content designer. I spent quite a lot of time as a developer contact for players in our forums and started working with our community team to design events, write developers logs, answer questions on design and game mechanics, as well as assisting the community team in advocating for our players. I ended up wearing a lot of hats.

Tamat: It's always refreshing to see people let their passions take them into a new career. What are some of your all time favorite games?

Trine: Wow, that would be a long list. One of the reasons I love MMOs is because I burn through games very fast. Aion, of course, is right up there. I grew up playing the original pen-and-paper D&D, so anything with "RPG" in it is sure to pique my interest. Additionally, I love Fallout 3, all the Splinter Cell games, Team Fortress 2, the Ghost Recon series, and Left 4 Dead.

Tamat: What are some of your favorite aspects of Aion, and which classes do you play?

Trine: How I play Aion varies because I play multiple classes and different races on different servers. I love PvP, and for quite a long time, I had a main where that was all I did. I rolled her up from scratch on a server and built her up solely through doing PvP with a sprinkle of instances. I dislike guard grinding, but guards are always a great stalking point for fights in the Abyss.

My favorite elements of Aion are PvP combat and fortress raids. I love giant, chaotic fights. That could be in the form of shard wars, fortress raids, or battling an enemy force rampaging through Gelkmaros or Inggison. I like to take on players that are challenging and will deliver a great fight. I know most of the time I am probably going to die, but I love the feeling when I take on someone geared to the teeth and win a tough battle. It gets my heart pumping.

As far as classes I enjoy them all, but I typically play melee or ranged classes in most games. My two mains are a Ranger and a Gladiator. Primarily, I spend my time playing my Asmodian character, and I enjoy contributing to my Legion and helping out my side in whatever way I can.

Tamat: In the same vein, what is your favorite moment or most memorable accomplishment in Aion?

Trine: Honestly, my favorite moments fall into two categories: crazy battles I have shared with friends in game or when I have done something incredibly silly and lived to tell about it. One that comes to mind is when I took a pal with me to help at the fortress raid on Asteria.

We had received the shield buff from Miren and were heading into the fortress at Asteria. At the same moment, our enemies set off the Verdandi's Prank artifact and started a huge zerg. My screen filled with red, and we both started screaming like little girls in Ventrilo as we flew to a nearby tower.

A couple of our foes followed us and attempted to kill us while we were ribbits. But because we had the shield in place, they couldn't do enough damage. So around the tower we went in a deadly chase, as if we were running around a maypole. The prank finally wore off, and we turned around and killed the two players that had been trying to kill us. To this day, I still don't know how we didn't die in that one.

Tamat: Switching gears, Daeva Day begins later this week! Can you share with the rest of the community what that's all about?

Trine: During the Daeva Day event, quest NPCs are placed in the major cities to assist players in obtaining the special event items. Monsters all over the world will be dropping special coupons players may turn in for the nom nom goodness of cake. There are also special quests a player can get to score additional special hats on top of the original event items.

The Daeva Day event will run for two weeks, so everyone will have plenty of opportunities to join us in celebrating the one-year anniversary of Aion!

Tamat: It's going to be a fun two weeks, but that's just the beginning! We have a full season of events planned for players. Can you go into some basic information about the events coming after Scorching Heat and Daeva Day?

Trine: One thing many players have requested is more in-game events in Aion. The summer event Scorching Heat, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Daeva Day are just the beginning of the events coming in our second year of Aion. Our event line-up introduces new event quest content specific for major Western holidays. Just over the horizon are completely new events! One for Halloween, a new Solorius Festival event, and a New Year's event just to name a few! The party is just getting started!

Tamat: Sounds like Daevas have a fun year ahead of them. Though I can't imagine a Halloween event more terrifying than the return of Fergus McGreedy.

Trine: I am all for a bounty quest on the head of that troublesome leprechaun. DING! You have killed Fergus McGreedy! I wonder if he would drop double rainbows?

Tamat: OH. MY. GOD. That would be so intense! Final question! You going to miss me?!

Trine: Of course, I am going to miss you. Not your pink tigers, though. Those things looked, well, you know.

Tamat: The community voted. You lost! Thanks for answering some questions, Trine. Fly high, Daeva!