Character Transfers on Hold

Greetings Daevas,

Due to technical complications occurring during the first execution of character transfers today, we have unfortunately found ourselves in a position where we need to further postpone the transfers until a solution is found. The issues did not appear in prior testing and have forced us to go back and perform careful investigations. We decided putting character transfers on hold would be a much more preferable option than having to face the risk of corrupting character information.

We will continue to do our outermost to ensure an as good character transfer experience as possible, and will announce further details as soon as they become available to us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

—The Aion Community Team

****** UPDATED ********

Character Transfer Services have been disabled while we troubleshoot technical issues that arose this morning. You will not be able to initiate a character transfer during this time. If you have already initiated a transfer for a character prior to the maintenance window, you will not have to repeat the process. Your character transfer will already be queued when we re-enable transfer services.

****** UPDATED ********

Many of you have asked if you can post items on the broker or use your account warehouse during this delay period.

When we re-enable the transfer system, we will be giving you a 24 hour notice ahead of the maintenance period. In the meantime, if you already had a transfer ready to go in this last maintenance window:

  • You can go ahead and put items in your account warehouse.
  • You may place items on the broker.
  • If it helps you to reform a legion temporarily to organize and communicate between now and when the Character Transfer service is re-enabled, go ahead.

However you must make sure when we announce the Character Transfer service is back in action that you: clear out that account warehouse, remove the items from the broker and that you are not in a legion.

*********** UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE ***************


We will be bringing down the NA servers on Friday July 23, 7:00 am PST for Character Transfers. Servers are expected to be down for 5 hours. Please ensure your character meets the transfer requirements before the Server Transfer occurs Friday morning.