Character Creation Disabled on Ten Servers

We are temporarily disabling the creation of new characters on the following servers:

[Oceanic] Nezekan
[East] Marchutan
[West] Ariel
[East] Israphel
[East] Lumiel
[West] Siel
[East] Zikel
[East] Azphel
[East] Triniel
[West] Vaizel

This is intended to provide a population distribution to some of our newer servers and to allow us to ban certain accounts engaged in prohibited activities. We expect to re-enable character creation within the next 24 hours and hope this will improve your overall game experience.

Please note that this adjustment will have no negative impact or extended interruption of service to the logged-in communities of these servers. The servers may disconnect you very briefly, but you should be able to log in again right away.