Changes to Veteran Rewards

Over the past two years, Veteran Rewards have served as a way to show our appreciation to our most loyal fans and supporters. We've given out rare and unique items, as well as player favorites, and we want to continue that trend moving forward. However, we recognize that with the coming of 3.0, some of the rewards from the current Veteran Reward system will become outdated, as newer and better items become available.

Beginning in February, the current Veteran Reward system will be discontinued. The Month 28 Veteran Rewards will be distributed beginning January 25, 2012. You will have the entire month to claim your Month 28 Veteran Rewards and apply them to all of your characters. It is very important that you log into your NCSOFT Master Account and claim your rewards while they are still available.

However, we have many exciting plans in the works for Aion—expect to hear more about the enormous amount of content that 3.0 has to offer, from player housing to new mounts!