Celebrate October with the Harvest Revel!

A chill is settling on the Atreian countryside. Sensible Daevas are indoors, warming themselves with a pint of pumpkin ale, but Octobrunerk has been working hard to get everything ready for the first annual Harvest Revel Beer Festival—or he had been, until all the barley disappeared! Octobrunerk has three master brewers standing by to compete for the title of best beer-brewer in Atreia, but they need that barley!

Once per day from October 24 to November 7, players can help Octobrunerk keep the festival on track by hunting mobs and retrieving Fresh Barley from them. Exchange the Fresh Barley with Octobrunerk in Pandaemonium or Sanctum for Dried Barley. (And an additional reward of some Lite Beer!) Cast your vote on which brewmaster you think will win the competition by giving them your Dried Barley; they'll exchange it for a ticket specific to that brewmaster. You can receive a total of 14 tickets, so the more you back a brewer, the more tickets you can stockpile!

Ranking for each brewmaster will be determined after November 7; players will be able to trade in their tickets with each brewmaster for rewards until November 21! Enjoy the month-long Harvest Revel!