Black Cloud Marketplace update, July 18!

There's a big store update coming next Wednesday, July 18th! New items and new promotions! Just a preview of what you can expect:

Permanent Mounts and Pets
You asked for them so here they are: Permanent mounts will be now be available in the Black Cloud Marketplace! 2 new permanent pets will also be available!

Other Awesome Items:

  • The Value Boost Pack I (30 days) rolls the other boost packs into one! AP, Crucible and Courage Insignias, and a 3x boost to how quickly you regain Energy of Repose!

  • Consumables - Expect to see kisks, revival stones, and a wider variety of instance cooldown scrolls!

  • Inventory Space - Cube and Warehouse Expand Tickets Level 3 are being added to the store!

  • New Title "Legendary" — 30 day title gives +4% Run, Cast, and Attack Speed

New Two Week Promotion Sale
For 2 weeks only, Black Cloud Enchantment Stone Boxes will be available. Two enchantment stones level 85-93 come from these boxes. Our goal is to help you gear up, so take advantage of this 2 week only promotion!

The Bonus CUBE Item goes hand-in-hand with our goal to get you geared! A large CUBE will give 300 Eternal Supplements (just like the ones you can purchase in all Balaurea forts) and a medium CUBE gives 150 Fabled Supplements. If you still want the bonus of 5 Crown Boxes, be sure to pick up your Large CUBE before the bonus changes Wednesday!

Price Changes
Due to the new items and new bundles of items, some existing prices will change (some higher, some lower).

Look for these new items in the Black Cloud Marketplace on July 18!