Assault on Balaurea Live on PTS!

Greetings Daevas!

Welcome to Assault on Balaurea! Our Aion Public Test Servers are now live with the new, free expansion. This is a great opportunity to get a first glimpse of the new lands, new content, new levels, new instances, pets and more! Dive in and tell us what you think in our official PTS forums.

In preparation for Assault on Balaurea, the PTS servers have been wiped of all previous characters. To aid you in your tour of Assault on Balaurea we have drastically increased the experience gain for a limited time to make it possible for new characters to level extremely quickly. After all, we need you to be powerful enough to test the new content!

Incremental patching has already begun for those players who already have the PTS client installed on their computer. You will need to finish up the last parts of the patch now that the PTS server is live.

Don't have the PTS client installed on your computer? Below are instructions to aid you in downloading the client and begin patching.

Method 1: Duplication of Already Existing Installation

  1. Browse to the Aion installation directory on your local hard drive.
  2. Copy the folder and paste it into the same location (for example, "C:/Program Files/NCSOFT/").
  3. Rename the new folder to AionPTS. The name must be changed to exactly "AionPTS" for the copy to work.
  4. Boot up the NCSOFT launcher. The NCSOFT launcher should detect the newly created folder as the PTS client and list it in the left pane of the launcher.
  5. Patch (if needed), and launch the game!

Method 2: Installation for Steam Users

  1. Open up your NCSOFT Launcher and click the dropdown next to Aion. Select Properties to see where your Aion folder is located within the Steam folders.
  2. Go to where your Aion folder is located within the Steam folder
  3. Copy the 'Aion' folder and paste it in the NCSOFT Folder (under Program Files) and rename it exactly AionPTS (this will take awhile to copy due to the size).
  4. Restart the NCSOFT Launcher (make sure it has been closed from the toolbar as well).
  5. Select the PTS server from the Launcher, patch as needed and launch the game!

Method 3: Fresh Installation

  1. Download the 11.6 GB Aion v1.9 PTS client installer from one of the following locations:
  2. Launch the installer and follow the installation instructions. A new game title, "AionPTS," will appear in your NCSOFT launcher.
  3. Patch (if needed), and launch the game!