[Updated] Asmodian Initiative


Aethertech items have been added to the Asmodian Initiative. Players can now claim items via survey for their Aethertech.

Asmodians on Tiamat and Israphel will receive the following free rewards
via in-game survey when they reach the designated level.


*Free Incentives and store discounts are available for Asmodian characters on the Tiamat and Israphel servers only.
Survey rewards are given to one character per account and are not retroactive.


- How to Claim the Rewards -

  1. Once you reach the level of each reward, a survey button will appear by the skill bars.
  2. The survey notification does not appear on the Fast-Track server so be sure to be on the Standard server at the listed levels.
  3. Rewards can only be claimed once per account.
  4. Rewards cannot be claimed after the indicated survey level.