Ask Kinslon: Aion v1.9 Interview #3

Greetings Daevas,

I've made a full recovery from the Porgus flu, so as promised, here is the third "Ask Kinslon" interview (the first that we will be releasing this week).

Aquilanius: What is the purpose behind Energy of Salvation?

Kinslon: Energy of Salvation is for players who are leveling more slowly than other players of the same level. You can gain Energy of Salvation starting at level 15. It is intended for casual players, or players that really enjoy exploring and pursuing interests in game that don't drive directly toward leveling as fast as possible. It's also meant for people who get distracted by shiny things instead of leveling—of which I am always guilty of.

Aquilanius: Does Energy of Salvation increase the amount of Abyss Points you earn while in the Abyss?

Kinslon: Energy of Salvation works just with experience and leveling and doesn't work with Abyss Points. It's whole purpose is to help boost characters and get them to the exciting higher levels more quickly (Abyss entry, instances, and so on). It doesn't have any effect on Abyss Points, which is a completely different system and serves a very different function (encouraging PvP). It does help casual players to level faster so that their characters can get to the Abyss faster, which could translate into more Abyss Points for the prepared.

Aquilanius: We know that all Daevas will be able to use Energy of Repose beginning at level 15, but what is the maximum level of its effectiveness?

Kinslon: The main change for Energy of Repose is that it now starts at level 15 instead of level 20. (The overall maximum character level in the game is still 50.) The current v1.5 percentages will stay the same, since the North American and EU servers received the update noted in the v1.9 Korean patch notes a while back (woot). To reiterate, here are what the current v1.5 and future v1.9 XP bonuses will be:

  • Levels 15—44: 40% bonus
  • Levels 45—50: 30% bonus

Energy of Repose is still an incredibly valuable tool for players who play in short bursts and rest for even a day or two at a time.

Aquilanius: Will the "Crit Spell" stat affect healing spells as well? If so, does the critical value take the Healing stat into account?

Kinslon: Crit Spell is an important new stat for the offensive spell slinger. Depending on the stats of the items your character has, it could even mean victory or defeat. Unfortunately, because it is geared towards offensive spells, the Crit Spell won't affect healing spells.

Aquilanius: Will the new stats in 1.9 be seen in existing items and manastones, or will there be new items and manastones with bonuses to these stats?

Kinslon: I wish! Existing items will not have these new stats added to them, but new items and manastonesin the v1.9 update will have them built in. Any new items introduced in future updates will also have the new stats. So take heart, as you collect new items and weapons with each update, those items will have these new stats with them (and of course, new manastones will have them, too).

Aquilanius: Can you explain how exactly the item and manastone bonuses will affect the stats of a character's summoned spirits, traps, and energy? Which classes will benefit from this the most?

Kinslon: Spiritmasters, Clerics, and Rangers should be excited about the new stats. When a manastone with a new stat is socketed to an item (or the item has this stat), part of the item's bonus will increase the stats of pets, traps, or summoned energy. To break it down a bit, here are the stats that will give bonuses to summoned spirits, traps, and energy:

  • Spiritmaster Spirits: HP, Physical Attack, Physical Critical Hit, Accuracy, Evasion, Physical Defense, Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy, Magic Resistance
  • Ranger Traps: Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy
  • Cleric/Spiritmaster Summon Material (Summon Energy): Physical Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack, Magic Boosting Power, Magic Accuracy

So beware to all. Even though two-handed weapon users got Armsfusion, these manastone and item bonuses will help to empower some of the other classes, giving them a special trick or two up their sleeve.

Keep an eye out for the next interview from Kinslon. We have more exciting information about the 1.9 update coming later this week!

—The Aion Community Team